A zero-pollution alternative lawn maintenance service.
Providing you an opportunity to create a healthier breathing environment for your community. 
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Clearing the Valley air
    one lawn at a time.
Proud to be a participant with The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District in their Commercial Lawn and Garden Demonstration Program.

here is no reason your money should go towards polluting the air. 

By empowering yourself and deciding which type of equipment is used in the maintenance of your property, y
ou can be influential in the efforts to reduce high levels of air pollution, noise and rising gas prices. 

We all deserve a healthier environment for our families, communities and the future. You can be a part of creating a cleaner Valley.

Now you have a choice to get away from the smelly, loud, gas hungry lawn maintenance equipment. 

Read the Facts and see how making one change will make a difference. Asthma sufferers, the elderly and our children are severely affected by the amount of pollutants produced by gas equipment. 

Our goal is to reduce the number of gas lawn mowers, leaf blowers and string trimmers being used everyday. 

Do your part. Change your habits today for a healthier tomorrow.

Healthier lawns create healthier air and healthier communities for future generations.

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