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   Green Zone
Working directly with AGZA  we work together and create healthier communities. Explore the site and see how you can become part of the solution.

The purpose of creating a green zone for commercial and residential property is simple: Reduce the amount emissions created from gas powered property maintenance equipment.

Gas alternative products aren't practical in all situations. The technology of battery operated equipment is fully capable of maintaining nearly any size business or residential property.

Creating a green zone is a great way to show your community that you're willing to make a change.

Check out the fuel matrix and see what just a handful of independent gardeners in LA County  consume. The stats are eye opening!

Business owners, property management, HOA's, School districts, Hospitals, City, State and County governments can require their property, all or part, be maintained using battery/electric powered equipment. 

The equipment used can be owned by the landscape maintenance companies, a maintenance department or, a business or home owner can purchase the equipment, and be kept onsite for use by the existing gardeners.Training and education are part of the AGZA program. And a line of field tested equipment will be suggested for purchase. 

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