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WHY YOU SHOULD CARE                                

 Because we breathe it in, whatever 
 ends up in the air ends up in our 
 bodies. If given the choice, wouldn't 
 you choose to breathe in the purest air 

 You DO have a choice! You CAN make a
 difference in the kind of air your family
 breathes in all day, every day.

 With Healthy Air Lawn Care, you'll find
 a zero-emission lawn care service
 that gives you the opportunity to help
 clear the Valley air.

 The lawn mower, edger and leaf blower
 we use are all battery operated, which
 means no exhaust fumes are emitted
 into the air that you breathe in.

 This special equipment is much quieter
 too, so by choosing Healthy Air Lawn
 Care, not only are you helping to
 reduce air pollution, you are reducing
 noise pollution as well.

Clean air is important for our children's health.
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